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Beyond the weekly coach led pay as you go sessions, members can choose from the range of different ways of playing to fit in with their ability and lifestyle. The most basic is using the online booking system to book courts with friends. We have a number of different Whatsapp groups which can help find new suitable playing partners. Find out more ways to play squash & racketball at Grove Park below-   


Club night is on every Monday Evening (from 5.30pm). This is an opportunity for more social squash. There is no need to pre-book, just come down, sign up on the sheet behind Court 1 and have 20 minute matches with a vast range of different players. With reduced court fees of only £1.30 per session, you'll have plenty of money to spend in the bar afterwards.

Box LeaguesInternal box league

A comprehensive internal box league system is run embracing all playing standards. It is powered by Squashlevels. It allows you to quickly establish regular playing partners of a similar standard as well as new players to challenge you as you (hopefully) improve. As you will get a Squashlevels ranking you will be able track how you are playing. Each league generally contains five players and lasts one month. The leagues run right though the year for those wanting year round competitive squash. Leagues are open to all men and women members.

Length Game Box Leagues

If you are looking for something a little easier and bit different, why not join our new length game box league.

What is a Length Game?

These are matches where the ball has to be played beyond the half court line into the back half. This produces much longer but slower rallies. It’s ideal for those players who still want to play competitive squash matches with a great workout but want something a bit easier on the body, as drop shot aren’t allowed.

How does the league work?

We use the same squashlevels system as the regular box leagues, however each round latest about 6 weeks.

Racketball (Squash57)

This is a growing area which we are keen to promote further. We have new active internal Racketball box leagues powered by So now you can find out your level for racketball just like Squashlevels.
Rackets and ball are always available at the club to borrow so anybody can give it a try. If you join the Whatsapp group you'll always be able to find someone eager to show you the basics. If you've never tried it before, why not and give it a go. Racketball - Squash57


The club runs a number of tournaments and competitions throughout the year. They range from the Club Championship where the clubs best players compete for the title to the ever popular club handicap competition where everyone has a chance of winning.

A fun doubles tournament generally finishes the calendar year. Once you enter you get paired with your partner on ability so the weakest players get to play with the strongest players. Played in just one evening with quick fire matches, everyone gets plenty of court time before a curry afterwards.

Adult Coaching & Training

Squash+ Adult Coaching

At Grove Park we believe that most players could really benefit from regular court training instead of just playing matches all the time.  

Our coaching partners, Squash+, run a group Team Training session with a mix of routines and conditioned games every Tuesday at 6.30pm throughout the year to help players progress and reach their full playing potential. You can just book on using the online booking system.

If you want to take your squash development even further the Squash+ coaches will also take individual coaching sessions.
You could also share your lessons with a friend. 

To arrange a lesson, please just get in touch -

Grove Park Squash Club, Grove Lane, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, Cheshire, SK8 7NB